Make calls

Making calls with a Compass phone card is an easy 3-step process. 


International access numbers

Travelling? Take your KiaOra card with you because you can use it in 7 other countries.


Recharge your phone card

Recharge your Compass phone cardYour Compass phone card can be recharged in thousands of stores around New Zealand using any payment method accepted by that store, and on this web site or over the phone, using your credit card.


Save your PIN

Using a Compass phone card doesn't mean dialling long numbers. Follow these simple instructions to save your phone card PIN, so it's remembered automatically.


Set up speed dial

Compass phone cards let you save your frequently called numbers into its speed dial memory for one-touch dialling.


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Get free minutes

Complete the Compass phone cards survey and get extra talk time for free!

Visit to get started.


Secure online recharge

Get bonus value free when you recharge your Compass phone card online with $10 or more!

Recharge your card with:

  • $10, get 5% bonus
  • $20, get 7.5% bonus 
  • $30, get 10% bonus

Click here to recharge now.

Compass Club

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Call anywhere

No matter where in the world you call, there's a Compass phone card to suit.

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