Save your PIN

Using a Compass phone card doesn't mean dialling long numbers. Follow these simple instructions to save your phone card PIN, so it's remembered automatically.

Tell your Compass phone card to remember your home phone number - go pinless! 

You can tell the Compass phone card service to enter your phone card PIN automatically, every time you dial the local access number from your home phone.  Either join the Compass Club and save your PIN here or:

  1. Dial the local access number for your area and select a language
  2. Enter the PIN number (it's under the scratch panel on the reverse side of your card)
  3. Press * to enter the advanced options menu
  4. Press 2: to save your phone card PIN to the number you're calling from.
  5. Press 1: to automatically use your Compass phone card when you call the local access number from your home phone. Next time you dial the local access number, the phone card service will remember your phone card's PIN, so you'll never have to re-enter it.

With your PIN saved, making calls is fast.

  1. Dial the local access number for your area
  2. Enter destination number in this format:
    Within NZ Area Code + Telephone Number (e.g. 03 123 4567)
    00 + Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number (e.g. 00 1 212 123 4567)

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Recharge your card with:

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