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Here are some frequently asked technical questions and their answers.

I can't connect to my local access number

Please check that you are using the correct local access number for the phone you are calling from. If you cannot dial the number without using the area code, the local access number you are trying is not correct. Local access numbers cannot be dialled without using an area code from mobile phones or payphones.

I can't connect to the national convenience number

The national convenience number is accessible from mobile phones, payphones and business phone lines. If you are calling from a residential line, please dial the local access number for your area.

Calls to the local access number have been charged on my phone bill

If you have dialled the wrong local access number or have used the area code when dialling the local access number, you will incur toll charges from your tolls provider. Please ensure you use the correct local access number and do not use the area code.

I am calling from a payphone and the local access number is not working

Local access numbers cannot be called from a payphone free of charge, so your call will not proceed. Please use the national convenience number from a payphone.

I get the message 'Your card is locked on the platform'

While you are on a call, your card is locked so you call is the only one that can be made using your card. If you hang up your phone then immediately dial the phone card service again to make another call, there can be a delay while your card unlocks.

To prevent this, hang up your first call by pressing ** rather than hanging up the receiver. This will transfer you to the main menu, where you can make your next call.  

I am not prompted to enter my PIN number

This means someone has saved a Compass phone card to the phone number you are calling from. To remove it, press * 2, then 3 and hang up the receiver.

I get the message 'This account is disabled'

This message plays when you try to use a card that you have previously transferred the balance from, to another card.

I get the message 'Your card is expired'

The value on Compass phone cards expires between 3 and 12 months (depending on the phone card brand) after either their first use or the last recharge. To keep your card active, make sure you recharge it within the period of validity. Credit balances are not refundable.

If the value on your card has expired and you have a card that features the Ezi-Pay logo, you can reactivate your card by recharging it within 18 months of expiry at any Ezi-Pay enabled retailer. The minimum recharge amount is $1.The previous balance on your card cannot be retrieved and credit balances are not refundable.

The voice prompts are in another language

Change the language back to English is by pressing * 31, after you hear the balance left on their phone card. The balance will be always be prompted in English. 

When I dial the destination number, the service reads out an incorrect rate

The most common reason for this is dialling an extra zero before the area code when you are making a national call. If the sequence of numbers dialled corresponds to a country code, the service may charge for an international call.

For example: a call to 07 123 4567 is charged at the national rate, while a call to 007 123 4557 is charged as a call to Russia (007 is the country code for Russia).

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To speak to Compass customer care, press *0 from the Compass phone card service.


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