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Compass phone cards are a great way to make toll calls at a fraction of the price you pay for calls from your home phone.

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Whether you call around the country or around the world, Compass has a phone card for you.

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Cheap calling rates on easy to use calling cards: phone cards by Compass

Compass phone cards save you money calling around the country or around the world

Low cost everyday calling for New Zealanders - KiaOra phone cardUsing a Compass phone card to call your friends and family will save you money. Whether the people you love to talk to are in New Zealand or overseas, on a landline or a mobile phone, you save compared to other methods of calling.

With a Compass phone card, you only pay for what you use. There's no commitment to calling plans or bundled deals that cost the same even when you don't make any calls.

Take a look at the rates, and it's easy to see why Compass phone cards are the calling method of choice for every day phone calls.

Of course, phone cards have other benefits too.

- They can be used away from home
- They're an excellent budgeting tool for those who don't like surprises in their monthly phone bill
- They're a good way of keeping costs separate if you share accommodation

Compass phone cards are easy to use

Don't be worried that you'll need to dial lots of extra numbers to use a Compass phone card.  Each card comes with built in timesavers like pinless dialling from your home phone, so you don't have to enter your phone card number.  Plus, you can use the speed dial function to save commonly called numbers for one-touch dialling.

There's a phone card that's right for you

Compass offers you a variety of phone card brands and each one has different rates to different areas of the world.  The best way to find the phone card that best suits the calls you make is to use the Compass rate finder.

Select the country you want to call and you'll see the card that offers the best deal for a 5, 10 and 20 minute calls.


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